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The following message was received from Germany.  If anyone can help this
gentleman, please respond directly to him.  His email address is down near
the bottom.

Hello from Christian ( Germany )

I search my Familly with the internet !!!
Only i have this Information i send to you when you need you can help me to
find my Familly.
Here all my Informations:

First my Dad:
My dad is born in 26 November 1917 in Poland. My Dad emigrating in the
World War two from Poland to Germany from Germany to America and after
America to Canada.
 From Africa to America after America to Canada. The name of the City was
My Dad is born with the name Janusz Ottoka Kessler ( or Bielecki )

Second my Two Aunts :
The Name of my two Aunts are Edith Moreau and Daniele Moreau

Edith Moreau is born in 12 February 1914 in Poland ( Edith is born with the
name Kessler )
Danielle Moreau is born 6 May 1933 in Poland ( Danielle is born with the
name Kessler )
Both Aunts having the name Moreau after the emigration to Canada.
Danielle Studied Medicine.I think my Aunt Danielle speaking French and she
play very good Piano.
I got only one Letter from my Aunts in the year 1954 and they lived in this
year in Winnipeg.

My Adress is:

Christian Kessler
Gleiwitzerstra_e: 28
66424 Homburg
Saarland ( Germany )
E-Mail :  chkess42 at aol.com

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