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About a year ago I obtained a 1907 marriage record from Manitoba.  It was a
photocopy of the original hand-written registration form.  It contained good
information including parents' names (but not maiden name of mother),
country of birth, and current place of residence.  I have forgotten the fee
charged, but I believe it was less than the $25 or so charged in Alberta.

Dick Stein

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Yes it is better than nothing.  After all it's just an Index which happens
to include the mother's maiden name in births records! which is more than
what the indexes for British Columbia and Ontario births give.   Now if
only Saskatchewan and Alberta would do the same...

I don't think any province will put the actual records on-line - how are
they going to make money?

>From what I can read on the website they will provide a "certified copy" of
a record, which according to my interpretation would be a certified
photcopy of the original record, not a transcription.  Transcriptions are
time consuming and human errors occur.

If anyone on this list will be ordering a Certified Copy of a record from
Manitoba, I would like to know what kind of documention you receive.

Rose Ingram

"Gary Warner" wrote:

> Rose,
> Very interesting.  Better than nothing, but I wonder why data is missing
> for the father of children in birth records?  I checked the record for my
> father, his older sister, and his older brother, and none of the entries
> showed the name of the father.
> In addition, one birth record showed the first name of my grandmother
> Emilie as CANILIA, and one of the entries showed her maiden name as King
> instead of Koenig.  King is of course the English version of Koenig.  I
> not have the original records to comment on whether the original entry is
> also wrong, but it does point out that records are only as good as the
> people that make them.  Too bad that Manitoba does not put the actual
> records online.  Other records I have from Manitoba are also
> rather than copies of the original records.  Does anyone know if they now
> send out originals rather than transcriptions?
> Gary Warner
> Gig Harbor, WA
> , one showed it as At 11:49 PM 3/27/2003, Rose Ingram wrote:
> >Province of Manitoba Database Searches now available.
> >
> >See  http://web2.gov.mb.ca/cca/vital/Query.php
> >
> >"Effective January 1, 2003, The Vital Statistics Act was proclaimed
> >providing unrestricted access to the following records:
> >
> >Births more than 100 years ago
> >Marriages more than 80 years ago
> >Deaths more than 70 years ago"
> >
> >--Rose Ingram
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