[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Historical questions, and families Gut/Gutt, Hammer/Homer, Wegrzyn

Doug Linder sggee at ario.ch
Mon Mar 31 23:28:47 PST 2003

> any idea where Johannes GUT came from? Galicia was Austrian up to 1918
> and thus predominantly catholic. Was Johannes catholic too? My own
> ancestors include several catholic GUT [GUTH] from northern Bohemia,
> Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Hallo G|nther,

I'm sorry, the only information I have on Johannes GUT is that he married
Maria GUZIC and had a child named Stanislaw GUT who was born 1 July 1860.
I don't know if he was Catholic or not, but my grandparents were, so their
parents probably were, too.  I would very much like to have more
information on Johannes myself, but I don't have a birthplace for him or
any other information.

The only hint I have is that on the information I got, someone had written
"KRUL" next to Maria GUZIC's name.  I don't know if that is a name, a
word, or what.

Do you think that someone born in Galacia during the time it was the
Austro-Hungarian Empire would have been considered an Austrian citizen?
If so, maybe there are other records.  My grandmother, Maria HAMMER, was
born in Galacia, but I don't know abut Johannes GUT.

Doug Linder

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