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I heard that word "weg gerafft" by my GR parents and grandparents.

If typhoid went through a village and many people died it was said they were
"hingerafft".  Decimated may be the proper word to use.


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> MARTHA JACOBS <msjacobs at flash.net> wrote:
> >   Also what is "rafte" in reference to many people being killed.
> > I have searched every  possilble reference and can not even find
> Martha,
> the word has double f "raffte", from infinitive "raffen". There are
> many meanings (eg: reap, gather, grab, amass) depending on the
> context in which the word is used. In reference to someone being
> killed (by disease) it means something like "snatch away", at least
> that's what my dictionary says. My English is not good enough to
> comment on whether this is the correct translation.
> Irene Kopetzke
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