[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Varying village names; Was Re: Musings about population

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Fri May 9 07:05:24 PDT 2003

At 06:09 PM 07/05/2003 -0600, Karl Lenz wrote:

>I noticed in some instances where the church has listed one colony, you have
>more than one.  For example,  the church lists Berestowez and your map
>includes Berestowiec, Berestowiec Kol., Nowe Berestowiec and Futor
>Berestowiec (Maszcza).

There are a number of reasons why such listings might occur on my maps.

1.  The parish summaries do not include all the villages that would have 
been part of that parish.  The summary might only show Berestowiec but an 
original document or the St. Pete records or some other source might show 
that a family lived at Nowe Berestowiec.  If I encounter such references, I 
add them to the map.

2.  I do not want to guess at what the intent of a pastor was.  It may be 
that his reference to Berestowiec was actually all encompassing of the 4 
places I show.

3.  In working with old maps, there is not always a clear delineation of a 
boundary between one village and the next.  A street village can be over a 
km long and seemingly blends into the next street village.  In addition, a 
map of one time period might show 2 villages while a newer one shows only 
one, suggesting that they may have merged under one name.  Again, rather 
than guessing, I will show both places.

In general, I would say that such duplication of place names is relatively 
infrequent within Volhynia.  The above example is about as extreme as it gets.

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