[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Richter Family in Volhynia

HRichter2000 at cs.com HRichter2000 at cs.com
Sat May 10 05:57:29 PDT 2003

'm having some problems finding my way home. My father, August Richter, was 
born in Jelowice, Poland on 2-11-04 and died in 1985 in the USA. According to 
my father, his mother, Amalia, was born with the maiden name of Bucholz in 
Kamin, (Chelm), Poland on 2-14-1871. She married Lokstein, had one son, 
Siegmund, divorced from Lockstein and married Gustav Richter in Jelowice in 
1898. Amalia's father, Bucholz, went to America in the 1890's and sent for 
Amalia but she had become married to Gustav and decided to stay in Volhynia. 
My father recalls receiving mail about Bucholz's will and death. He died in 
Chicago just before Amalia and family went to Siberia. Gustav was born in 
1870 and died in Russia during WWI. Gustav's father died in a hunting 
accident in Jelowice, also about the time the family was sent to Siberia. 
Gustav's father came from somewhere in Austria but I have been unable to find 
any documents on Gustav or his father or other relatives that might lead me 
back to Austria.

Also, in Amalia's EWZ files, she says that she was born Lokstein(not 
Bucholz). The EWZ files also say that her father's first name was Peter , 
that he was born in Warsaw and that he died in America, but that his last 
name was unknown. This is very different from the family story. Are there 
archives in the area of Chelm that might hold birth records for this period? 
Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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