[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] RE: (Ger-Poland-Volhynia) Name of Stolbe

JSchu9014 at aol.com JSchu9014 at aol.com
Wed May 14 17:29:13 PDT 2003

I recently discovered my great great grandmother's maiden name was STOLBE.  I 
am wondering if anyone might also be researching this name and if anyone has 
seen this name before.  There seems to be very few if any listings with this 
name and I am curious as to where the family would have originated from.  If 
anyone can help it would be appreciated.

Researching:  Haupt, Mincho, Stolbe, Rathfelder, Gagnus

Janice Schultz
jschu9014 at aol.com

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