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Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Thu May 15 22:14:38 PDT 2003

 From one of the pages at JewishGen.org:

"Alegata (also known as Marriage Supplements or Annexes) are a group of 
documents that form a more detailed record of the betrothal than the 
marriage record alone. In addition to the marriage registration, Alegata 
include at least the birth records for the bride and groom. Other documents 
relating to the bride and groom or their parents may also form part of the 
Alegata. When a birth record could not be produced by the bride or groom, a 
protocol (sworn statement from witnesses including details of the birth) 
was created."

Additional, and more extensive, detail can be found in Question #20 at 

At 05:53 PM 15/05/2003 -0700, Rose Ingram wrote:
>I was looking in the Pradziad database for records from Lodz, Lodz.  Amongst
>other things, the search results display a record type of "alegata, creed
>Ewangelical and records span to 1940.  Does anyone know was alegata means?

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