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Otto otto at schienke.com
Sat May 17 16:36:43 PDT 2003

Try this . . . you seem to have some misspelling in the content- it 
should be close.

Permission to use the  history of the Silesian Aristocracy of V. Donat 
in the Gothic genealogical paperback of the noble house A as 
Aristocracy register, d.d. Berlin 2, July 1940.

On Saturday, May 17, 2003, at 06:01  PM, Delores Stevens wrote:

> Zulassung zur Aufnahme der Genealogie des schlesischen 
> Uradelsgeschlechtes der
> v.Donat in das Gothaische Genealogische Taschenbuch der adeligen 
> Hduser A als
> Adelsmatrikel, d.d. Berlin 2.Juli 1940

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