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Irene Kopetzke kopetzke at gmx.net
Sun May 18 00:56:58 PDT 2003

> in the Gothic genealogical paperback of the noble house...

Just to clarify the term "gothaisch": Gotha is a German town name.

> Could someone give me a translation of the following:
> Zulassung zur Aufnahme der Genealogie des schlesischen 
> Uradelsgeschlechtes der v.Donat in das Gothaische Genealogische
> Taschenbuch...

It says that the genealogy of the Silesian aristocracy of "von
Donat" is admitted to the "Gothaische Genealogische Taschenbuch".
The Gotha series is a standard series of [pocket] books on
German nobility.

Irene Kopetzke

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