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Sun Nov 16 09:37:48 PST 2003

Dear fellow searchers,

Heinrich Arndt <FREGAT at aol.com>

from Augsburg, Germany is looking for relatives in the US or Canada
and information on his paternal g-g-parents and other relatives. The
names of his g-g-parents have never been mentioned.
Heinrich Arndts grandparents were:

Adolf ARNDT, ev., b. May 4, 1878 in Wilhelmswald-Sawadowka,
Kreis Cholm (Russia),
Mathilda ARNDT, nee MARTIN.

His father
Rudolf ARNDT, b. November 11, 1901  in Michalutschka Krs.

was raised there by his grandparents. In 1915, when he was 14, he and
his grandparents were displaced to Sibiria. Somehow he made it back
and, together with his parents come to East-Prussia before 1917. The
fate of the g-g-parents is unknown.
The family was naturalized in 1917 and lived in Schmilgen/Eastprussia.
In 1936 Adolf ARNDT drowned while harvesting reed.
Heinrich Arndt has some photographs showing his g-g-parents and about
20 other persons, most probably taken at Michalutschka Krs.
Saslaw/Wolynien where his g-g-parents must have been wealthy and
well-known people.

Ernst-August ONDRA b. July 23, 1881 in Michalutschka Krs. Saslaw, a
grandunkle (brother of the first wife of Adolf ARNDT) of Heinrich
Arndt often spoke of the g-g-parents, but never mentioned their names.
Contact to him was lossed in 1947.

Heinrich Arndt suspects, that some ARNDT-relatives emigrated to the
US. He remebers, that such a contact existed to a sister of
Ernst-August ONDRA (Ernestine ONDRA-SCUTZLER) because he lived in her
house around 1900 for one year at

Vader Washington Grafschaft Lewis.

The husbund of Ernestine ONDRA-SCUTZLER owned a small textile-factory.


Reiner (Kerp)

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