[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] EWZ files in Berlin

Karl Krueger dabookk54 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 24 14:10:20 PST 2003

First of all, are you familiar with the terms EWZ50, EWZ57, EWZ58? Dave Obee describes EWZ very well at this site so be sure you understand how EWZ is organized before starting.
You can order EWZ57 and EWZ58 films from LDS so you can start with EWZ57 and try to find your relatives. You need to find the Stammblatt number (case number) from EWZ57 and order the appropriate EWZ58 film where you will find the precious Stammblatt showing the known family history. For Germans from Russia, EWZ57 might also have listed in handwriting surviving siblings of the person so that affords a possibility to look up other relatives, most notably sisters who married into another family.
If you could manage a trip to the National Archives just outside Washington DC, you could dig up a lot of information very fast plus you could have EWZ50 at your disposal. The EWZ50-54 series is by far the most informative as it contains complete application packets.

Lloyd Friedrick <lloydfriedrick at telus.net> wrote:
I am continuing my research on many family members that lived in Volhynia
prox 1942-43 and then were moved to Poland and eventually to Bavaria.

So I have decided to delve into the EWZ files in Berlin.

Can someone report to the listserve on their experience and results in
searching these files?

Many thanks

lloyd friedrick on Vancouver's Island in British Columbia

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