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Rose Ingram wrote:

> Sharon
> I'm posting your query on the Ger-Poland-Volhynia Listserv.  Someone living
> in Ontario may be able to help you further.
> You might also try the Prussia-Roots-L list at Rootsweb.
> Rose Ingram
> From: "Sharon Wyns" <swyns at sympatico.ca>
> To: <contact at sggee.org>
> Sent: 29 November, 2003 8:16 AM
> I have been researching the Koch  for fifteen years& haven't been able  to
> find any information other then they came from Prussia to Canada about 1852
> & they where Lutheran.They settled in Hamilton Ontario for about five years
> where their daughter Charlotte married William Hibbard in 1859. the family
> then moved to Morrison twp. Muskoka Ontario.
> In the area other German families had settled around the same time I have
> found no records connecting these families,Steinart  Bonar,Leham,Bentz,
> Bentzinger, Stotts,Vise, Koch, Everback,Sehaver
> If any connect it might be Steinart for Hannah's maiden name was ( Stone)
> on
> Charlotte's marriage certificate & Michael was Cook .
> I am now have ask for help in finding the origin of this family .
> Michael Koch  1799 Prussia
> Hannah  about  1810 Prussia
> Charlotte           1839 Prussia
> Charles              1838 Prussia
> William               1840 Prussia
> Joseph                1852 Prussia.
> They all died in Canada. On Charles death certificate it states he was in
> Canada 60 years.he died in Jan 7 1921.
> Can any one help in suggesting on what records I should look for I have
> tried the regular sources.
> Regards
> Sharon Wyns
> Brighton Ont.
> K0K-1H0
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