[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Looking for church registers

Antje Mass antje.mass at web.de
Thu Oct 9 04:39:54 PDT 2003


At my researches I have arrived a time, where it is quite impossible to find notes given by Evangelic church registers in the area around Sompolno/Babiak/Ko3o and the surrounding municipalities as well as the microfilms at the Catholic church registers by the Mormons. Therefore, I have a question to you:

Are there lists/books about the church membership of the individual municipalities at 1800 or is it possible to find these on the Internet or do I have to ask exclusively the competent archives in Poland?

Many thanks for your help,

Antje Mass

I am researching for:
Arndt, Betke or Betcher, Bl|ge, B|low, B|schke, Jesse, Gaul, Hei(l)mann, Hin(t)z, Kitzmann, Kotke, Kren(t)z, Kr|ger, Lachecki, Lange, Mant(h)ej, Matz, Perschel or Pirschel, Pol(l)ej, Siede, Schilke, Schul(t)z, Zimmer

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