[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Payment to AGAD

Richard Stein stein at enel.ucalgary.ca
Thu Oct 9 13:27:37 PDT 2003

I have obtained documents several times from AGAD (Archiwum Glowne Akt
Dawnych) in Warsaw.  Initially they accepted payment in the form of a World
Money Order in USD, for which the bank charges a fee of $5.00 Canadian.  For
my most recent order, AGAD requested a direct money transfer to their bank
in Warsaw for which the fee is $30 Canadian to $45 Canadian depending on the
bank.  I wrote to AGAD informing them about this high fee and asking if
there is an inexpensive method of payment such as credit card but they have
not replied.

I am interested in learning whether anyone else has encountered this
situation, and whether an inexpensive method of payment has been found.

Dick Stein

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