[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Payment to Poland [old: AGAD]

Gerhard König gk_eisenach at web.de
Thu Oct 9 15:07:40 PDT 2003

Hello Richard,

> I am interested in learning whether anyone else has encountered this
> situation, and whether an inexpensive method of payment has been found.

Some month ago I received a report about the experiences
with the Polish archives in Radom from a researcher in the U.S.

The result you can read in German and in English in our Volhynia Forum:

Under the point "MONEYTRANSFER / Geldtransfer" you can read a hint
about the Pekao-Bank in the U.S. (a special bank for transfers to Poland).
This bank work in Northamerica only.


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