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Rose Ingram

: Hello. My ggrandparents lived in Volhynia.
: I am new to the list, and joined because I just found my ggrandparents
: were married in Heimthal, Russia (now Jasinowka, Ukraine) a very tiny
berg 20
: miles NE of of Nowograd-Volynsk, Russia (now Novohrad-Volynskyj,
: My ggrandfather was born in Bromberg, Germany (now Bydgonszcz, Poland). I
: don't know where my grandmother was from. They had 2 children while
living in
: Heimthal who were listed at the local church. They had another son who -
on his
: naturalization papers - listed his birth place as Nowograd-Walinsk,
Russia. The
: ship manifest and family records show that they came over with 9
: and so I am looking for 8 of them. (The oldest one, Theodor, may have
died or
: decided to stay in Russia or Germany.)
: If anyone has traveled there, has photos, or can help with the history of
: Heimthal or that area I would appreciate it. I have downloaded a map of
the area,
: have one photo from a helper, and read much on the web sites.
: If anyone knows how to find more names from that area, I would appreciate
: I checked the Jew.Gen site, after a helper suggested it; that is where I
: found the church records.
: Five knowledgeable people had helped me with town names and web sites to
: me this far, and I am endebted to them. Any help from someone on this
: would be appreciated also. Char
: The surname of the family is HVSER.
: The father was Hermann Leopold HVSER.
: The mother was Louise WEICHMANN (WICKMAN. WEICHMAN).
: Children were:
: Theodor (didn't cross with them)
: Robert
: Mathilda
: Adolph
: Emma
: Heinrich
: Otto
: Louis
: Rudolph
: Ewald (born in Nowograd-Walinsk, Russia)
: Again, thank you.
: ______________________________

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