[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Polish record name variations

Annegret Krause krause.annegret at t-online.de
Sun Oct 19 23:35:23 PDT 2003

in Polish language all names are declined - in 7 cases. So the endings
of your names are case endings: 
Fryderyk(ie)m = Fryderik or Fyderika 
Fryderykiem: Instrumental. This case is unknown in English or German. We
often use instead of it the preposition "with". 
Fryderika: genitive masculine  
Wolskim = Wolski (or Wolska)
-im: see Fryderykiem. I think Wolski is a surname, in this case is
Wolska the feminine form (nominative).
In Polish the men have another name than the women. Wolski ist the name
for the man, Wolska the name for his woman, and Wolscy the name for the
couple or the whole family.
Tarruhnow = Tarruhn 
Tasrruhnow: genitive plural. Perhaps it doesn't mean more than one
people. Maybe it's a name, which only follows the plural declination.
Habkow = Habke
see Tarruhnow
Jana (not Jan) is Polish for Johann
Jan is the Polish form for Johann. Jana is genitive masculine.
Samuela = Samuel
see Jana
Note: the ending -a can be the genitive singular masculine form, but
also the nominative singular feminine form.

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