[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: R. MEIER - Sergejewka

Jerry Frank jkfrank at shaw.ca
Mon Sep 8 11:37:08 PDT 2003

I won't respond to the relationship as that takes some work on the part of 
you and the original poster to resolve.

Kr. = Kreis, a German equivalent to something like a county.

There are actually 2 Sergejewka in the vicinity of Emiltschen though I 
don't know which Kreis either was in.  The first and most likely one is 
about 34 km N of Nowograd-Wolhynski and 18 km W of Emiltschen.  The other 
is 10 km NE of Nowograd-Wolhynski and 27 km SSW of Emiltschen.

Your Scheresowka is about 12 km NNW of Nowograd-Wolhynski and 26 km SW of 

Certainly these are all close enough together to consider a probable 
relationship but Meier is quite a common surname so you will have to 
investigate specifics further.

At 12:41 PM 08/09/2003 -0400, Jsalido at aol.com wrote:
>     Is there any chance that your Sergejewka (Kr. Emitschin) and my
>Scheresowka (Zhitomir) are somehow connected?
>     What does "Kr." mean?
>     I have MEIER's in Scheresowka in the same (1897) time frame.

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