[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] 100 year old photo album

travelbugwillie at shaw.ca travelbugwillie at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 12 15:46:49 PDT 2003

Hello everyone.  While I was at my father's funeral last weekend, one of
his cousins gave me an old photo album that had been tucked up in the
attic for years and years.  I recognise people maybe in 3 of the photos,
but I have no idea about the rest.  There are no names written on  the
back of  them.  So, perhaps this is a long shot, but I thought I would
post the photos on my website for everyone to look at.  You never know,
maybe some of you will recognise someone as being a member of your
family.  Now wouldn't that be great!  Now, I have listed the pictures as
Mystery Pic 1-26, and one called  "The Scheibe Clan".  Now, when I
uploaded them to the website, they did not show up in the order that I
posted them.  They are mixed in with some other photos, so you will have
to just scroll through looking for the Mystery ones.  The website is
located at:




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