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Howard Krushel krushelh at telus.net
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D. Reiser writes in "Lebensraum der Deutschen im Kalischer Land" that the
German name of "Beissart" is written in Polish as "Grzyzinski" however that
may not be close enough to " Grudzienski" to be of help.
Howard Krushel
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GrudzienskiAlternate name

> Jan and all,
> I have a Klut or Grudzinski name in my line, and want to hear if they are
> alternates, and what they mean.
> Gary Warner
>   At 08:01 AM 9/22/2003, Jan Textor wrote:
> >Hi Joerg,
> >I think that I am not the only one on this list who would like to hear
> >the connection between Kluth and Grudzienski which you so kindly offered
> >tell us about. On the face of it, I would have thought that Grudzienski
> >something to do with the month of December (Grudzien). Perhaps he had
> >expressed sympathy with the so-called Decembrists who had unsuccessfully
> >conspired to overthrow Czar Nicholas I of Russia in December 1825? Or was
> >from the town of

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