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Delores. I was mistaken I said my Draegers were from Tuchin. When you
mentioned Rowno, I checked and lo and behold, my Draegers are from Rowno. I
am sure that Drager and Draeger are the same family. I know that some of the
Draegers went to Winnipeg where they remained friends with my Kletke's who
were also from Rowno. My Draeger relative was Wilhelmina Draeger born 1858
in Rowno who married Friedrich Fitzner. She had a sister named Karolina
Draeger b. 1859 who married Wilhelm Fitzner (Friederich's brother). I would
suspect that your Drager is in fact a Draeger. There are certainly more of
them in Rowno.

Check out this link. c stands for a persons own code (d35 = letter d # 35)
s= spouse, f= father. etc...

Scott Kletke

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thank you to all who answered my query.  To answer some of your questions.
The information that I have is from a great uncle, now deceased.  My great
grandfather Adolf Drager was born Aug 25, 1859 in Rowno Russia.  He married
Emelie Donat in 1886.  They immigrated to Canada in 1896 arriving through
the port of Quebec???.  They arrived with 4 children, maybe more.  First
going to Emerson, Manitoba area and then into Neche, North Dakota.  They
were definitely in Neche, North Dakota as a great aunt was born there in
1897.  There a 7 children born in Neche, my grandmother being one of them.
I have the original of her baptisimal certificate which states she was born
in Neche, North Dakota in Dec 7, 1903.  She was baptized in Gretna,
Manitoba.  They came to Saskatchewan in 1908, but Adolf filed for homestead
papers in 1907.  I have a copy of these from the Sask. Archives.

Adolf died on May 6, 1928 after being kicked by a horse.  He lived for 10
hours in hospital prior to passing.  I have received his registration of
death which lists his Mother's name.  This name was provided by one of his
sons.  Wilhemina Crapes (Krebs).  I know that it would have been pronounced
in German as the family spoke German only within the household, my
greatgrandmother refused to speak any English and the grandchildren (my
mother) could only speak German to her.

I have not been able to find Adolf on any census.  I have not been able to
find him in Volhynia, and this is my first lead.  His mother's maiden
name.My grandmother's birth is not registered in the US, but I have been
told that is not uncommon for 1903.

So thank you once again to all on the list.  Your assistance is greatly

Delores Stevens

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