[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Libau, Russia,etc.

Royal Natzke rdnatzke at execpc.com
Thu Apr 1 18:01:23 PST 2004

Hi Rose or Jerry,
Thank you for responding to my query. No, I do not believe this is my
grandfather, John Martin Neumann. He was German and 48 yrs. of age. I have
been able to secure the Ship Manifest since I sent the query to the List
I believe my father may have left from Libau also, but his Naturalization
papers do not name a ship - only that he arrived at Halifax about Oct. 14,
1911 and entered the US on about the 17th of Oct, 1911 at Port Huron, MI via
the Grand Trunk RR. I've searched the passenger list of ships coming into
Halifax without success in hopes of finding him. Would you have any info on
the existence of emmigration lists in Libau?
Would you have any info regarding what kinds of records exist in the Lutsk
Archives in Volhynia?
My father was born in Mariendorf, Volhynia - have his birth record from the
Rozyszcze church 1883. I understand that the Lutheran church in that area was
divided and the Vladimir Lutheran church came into existence after this date
some time. My father's siblings are probably in the Vladimir church books. Are
these records possiblt in the Warsaw Archives? If so would you know the
address or possibly a web site?
Your help is greatly appreciated.
Dorothy Natzke
rdnatzke at execpc.com

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