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Jerry Frank FranklySpeaking at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 6 07:37:11 PDT 2004

Delores raises a very important point regarding talking to elderly people.

My mother always claimed that my grandparents NEVER talked about the old 
country.  Yet when I started to feed her information from my research, her 
memory was activated.  "Oh yes, I remember my dad mentioning 
Tutchin."  OR  "You know, I think they did mention an Aunt Christine at one 

Although general memory fails, there can be words or phrases that trigger 
something. bringing back much more than you expected.

At 05:51 AM 06/04/2004 -0600, Delores Stevens wrote:
>Thank you to all for replies.  Just an update on Adolf Dreger son of ?
>Dreger and Wilhelmine Krebs.  I talked with an older relative who remembered
>that her grandfather had a sister, didn't know about any brothers.
>Initially she couldn't remember the sisters name, but called me yesterday as
>she had the name.
>Auguste Dreger daughter of ? Dreger and Wilhelmine Krebs.  married Gus
>Schmidt, became a widow and then married Martin Schiewe.  They resided in
>Rosenfeld, Manitoba.
>So, talking to older relatives may not yeild immediate results, but gets
>them to thinking and they remember bits of information.
>Delores Stevens

Jerry Frank - Calgary, Alberta
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