[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] LDS film Viewing

Lawrence Penno lpenno at accesscomm.ca
Sat Apr 17 05:50:59 PDT 2004

To all in general,

I don't know if this is the result of my brilliant mind or whether the 
idea emerged from the 'crevices of my mind' as suggested by someone on 
the list previously but for those who are ordering LDS films for viewing 
and ultimately obtaining copies of the records one or two steps and the 
cost of copies can be eliminated from the process by utilizing a digital 
camera to photograph the entry directly off the projected image of the 
viewer. It really works quite well. No flash is used and an optical zoom 
is required. The flash of course would fade the image.
Because of the angle of the view a slight tapering effect results but is 
quite acceptable.
Also saves time waiting to access the viewer.
The result can be downloaded to your computer,colour corrected, sized, 
cropped, captioned and if you like in the case of language put the 
interpreted wording on the photo before saving and printing the result 
or pasting the result to your program or both.

Just some thoughts.

Lawrence Penno

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