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Heinz Rode heinz_rode at telus.net
Mon Dec 6 17:51:44 PST 2004

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Heinz Rode

> There have been a number of discussions over the past year covering 
> various aspects of our ancestors' life in the old country. They have 
> covered the topics of food, occupations, sayings, games, customs,naming 
> traditions, etc. The responses from list members have been interesting, 
> informative and  educational and all have brought back memories from my 
> younger years.  One topic that hasn't been discussed is that of 
> traditional folk songs. The Lutheran Church of old was referred to as 
> the singing church.  No doubt this came about because members had a 
> love for singing in their everyday lives and carried it into their 
> worship activities.  I don't know if there are any folk songs that are 
> unique to the Germans in Poland/Vohynia/Russia but I recall from my 
> youth that at house parties and other social gatherings that inevitably 
> singing would break out and carry on for some time. I can remember bits 
> and pieces of several songs and would like to have the complete lyrics. 
> Does anyone know if there is a source for German folk songs. Has anyone 
> compiled a collection of these songs?
> I would like to find the lyrics for a few songs that I remember - Schon 
> ist Die Jugend; Du, Du, Liegt Mir in Herzen; Ach Du Lieber Augustine; 
> Trink, Trink, Bruderllein Trink.
> Leo Sonnenberg
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