[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Life in Volhynia-Traditional Folk Songs

Ed S esonnenburg at porchlight.ca
Mon Dec 6 19:35:42 PST 2004

I don't know if this is a song but the words are


Lieber Junge
Bleibe ledig auf dieser Welt
erstmals ist es gesuender
zweitens spart man Geld

Dear son
stay single on this earth
firstly it is healthier
secondly you save money


Trink Trink Bruederlein Trink
Lasset die Sorgen Zu Haus

drink drink brother drink
leave your sorrows at home


Du Du liegst mir am Herzen
Du Du liegst mir im Sinn

At 08:51 PM 06/12/04, you wrote:
>Go to >>>www.google.de<<<< "Volkslieder"
>Heinz Rode
> > There have been a number of discussions over the past year covering
> > various aspects of our ancestors' life in the old country. They have
> > covered the topics of food, occupations, sayings, games, customs,naming
> > traditions, etc. The responses from list members have been interesting,
> > informative and  educational and all have brought back memories from my
> > younger years.  One topic that hasn't been discussed is that of
> > traditional folk songs. The Lutheran Church of old was referred to as
> > the singing church.  No doubt this came about because members had a
> > love for singing in their everyday lives and carried it into their
> > worship activities.  I don't know if there are any folk songs that are
> > unique to the Germans in Poland/Vohynia/Russia but I recall from my
> > youth that at house parties and other social gatherings that inevitably
> > singing would break out and carry on for some time. I can remember bits
> > and pieces of several songs and would like to have the complete lyrics.
> > Does anyone know if there is a source for German folk songs. Has anyone
> > compiled a collection of these songs?
> >
> > I would like to find the lyrics for a few songs that I remember - Schon
> > ist Die Jugend; Du, Du, Liegt Mir in Herzen; Ach Du Lieber Augustine;
> > Trink, Trink, Bruderllein Trink.
> >
> > Leo Sonnenberg
> >
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