[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Traditional Folk Songs

Sig Matt sig.matt at juno.com
Mon Dec 6 22:18:06 PST 2004

        Leo S.

The titles you ask about are contained in a 215 pg. book with music :
"LIEBLINGS LIEDER unserer Vorvdter"
assembled by the Golden Gate Chapter of the American Historical Society
of Germans from Russia, 1982
ISBN #0-914222-06-6

There are 5 categories: 
Gemeinde Lieder,                                    70 pg.
Volks Lieder,                                           80 pg.
Fest Lieder,                                             26 pg.
Kinder Lieder                                          21 pg.
Mdnner Chvre                                         10 pg.

There is no specific section about Volhynia or Russia,
but it does have a "Nach Sibirien muss ich reisen" Lied.
It does contain all the Volks and Gemeinde Lieder that I can remember. 

Dick Benert writes, 12/6/04

about " Singendes Volk. Volkslieder aus Kongresspolen und Wolhynien".

I would appreciate a shortened list of titles from that book.
Also where it might be available.

Sig Matt
sig.matt at juno.com

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