[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Life in Volhynia-Traditional Folk Songs

Jan Textor textor at oncable.dk
Wed Dec 8 11:47:32 PST 2004

> This is a hymn rather than a folk song, but I thought you might
> like to know it. I was told by a woman from Dobriner Land in Poland that
this was sung
> for funerals as the people walked to the cemetery carrying the body. She
> said, "All the beautiful hymns... I can sing them today." and then she
began to sing:
> Paradies, Paradies,
> wie ist deine frucht so s|ss!
> Unter deinen Lebensbdumen
> wird uns sein, als ob wir trdumen:
> bring uns, Herr, ins Paradies!
> Someone on the list will do a better job of translating this than I am
able to do.
> Linda Pauling


The above is the 5th verse (of 5) from a well-known German funeral hymn
entitled "Lasst mich gehn".  You can read the whole text and listen to the
tune here:

Jan Textor, Denmark

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