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Wed Dec 8 14:49:44 PST 2004

Thanks Jerry for the good advice; I learn something new everyday.  I'm glad 
you clarified the web site's system for me; shall continue to use Guenther's 
method instead on this list.  It works great on private email but not on 
Words programs either.

I have a question that perhaps some kind soul could answer for me.  My 
maternal ancestors who settled in the Volga region of Russia; Village of 
Norka, are noted on Dr. Igor Pleve's Family Charts as being born in Isenberg 
Germany.  After reading Karl Stumpp's book on immigrants to Russia, I found 
the Sauer Family name of my Grandfather and my Grandmother Brill narrowed 
down to the area of Hessen Germany circa 1744.  To my dismay, there are no 
less than 14 different villages, towns and cities in this region.  I've hit 
that perpetual brick wall again!  It hurts, and I'm asking if anyone knows 
of a Registry  Bureau I could contact to narrow their exact birth places? 
Old saying, one answer leads to two more questions is true!

Warmest regards, as warm as they can be from central Alberta Canada... -20 
C.  Ouch.
Donna Baxmeyer
AHSGR-I Life Member
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Alberta Genealogical Society Member
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> Thanks for the input short cuts, Donna.  They should work in personal 
> email.
> However, our mailing list system is not able to transmit unlauts or other 
> diacritic characters.  That is why they come out as garbage characters in 
> the messages we receive.  For mailing list purposes, we recommend the 
> standard ue, ae, oe and ss equivalents provided by Guenther. 

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