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 There were aprox 12 or 13 villages in the Zyrardow area that
 were built by Germans in the early 1800s. I believe the first
 Evang. church building burned in the early years and another was
 not built until much later. The early records for these people were kept
 in two Catholic churches - Wiskitki for the people on the northern end of
 Zyrardow and  Mszczonow for those on the southern side.The Catholic
churches kept the records for all people of all faiths from aprox 1808 until
aprox. 1828.

 In 1833 a French engineer named Philipp Girard brought or had built a
 spinning machine
 which was the start of the mechanized cloth weaving in this area. A town
 sprung up around
 the mill and was named Zyradow after Philipp Girard.

 The LDS film numbers you'll need are;

 Mszczonow  1808 - 1817   # 0723705
                     1818- 1825    # 0723706
 And then -
                                           # 0723708
                                           # 0723709
                                           # 0723711
                                           # 0723712
                                           # 0723424
                                           # 0723425

 Wiskitki   1809 -1812        # 0723296
                 1813-1817        # 0723297

 Starting in the 1830s the Evang. records were being taken to Rawa Maz. and
 then later an Evang. church was again built in Zyrardow but so far those
 church  records either hav'nt been filmed or are possibly missing.


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> > My grandmother Amalia Meissner lived in Zyrardow, Mazowieckie with her
> > parents and grandparents who were from that same town.  She immigrated
> the U.S.
> > in 1913 coming through Ellis Island.  I have documents, some from the
> > Evangelishe church that lead me to believe they were of that religion.
> Her parents and
> > two brothers were put in a work or concentration camp sometime in the
> 1940's
> > but supposedly escaped. It's not known were though. I was always told
> > they were Germans living in Poland.  What confuses me is in the Ellis
> Island
> > website  it says my grandmother and her friend( who were both 18) were
> listed as
> > Hebrew under "religion".   Could this have just been an error because
> > could not speak engish and the name taker just assumed they were jewish.
> There
> > has always been alot missing from the whole story. The older ones always
> denied
> > things when I enquired about that time. Now everyone is gone and no one
> > ask. Grandmother followed the Lutheran religion here in the U.S.
> Wondering what
> > people think of this. Also..where do I look for more church records for
> this
> > family as grandmas parents and grandparents were born and raised in the
> same
> > area? What E.Luth. churches were in Zyrardow in the late 1700s to say
> 1910?
> > Thank you ever so much for your help.  Janine jankohl57 at aol.com
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