[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] "Squareheads"... D:)

Ed S esonnenburg at porchlight.ca
Thu Dec 16 19:22:10 PST 2004

That song about the three sided hat is probably a jab at the French and 
English since even Napoleon wore one.

At 07:54 PM 16/12/04, you wrote:
>Well Ed and Listers,
>    It appears Ed and I have started something that may make Lloyd's 
> original question very unique in response.  This just proves we GR 
> descendants have a great sense of humour; pardon the Royal Monarchy 
> spelling; and we are able to laugh at ourselves, much unlike other 
> nationalities!
>    Truth be told, I'm more than sure this slang term originated long 
> before the Americans hung this title on us; it goes back as far as the 
> Vikings and other Scandinavian people.  Germans were never part of 
> Scandinavia; but through generations their facial features remained 
> rather strongly square jawed with prominent cheek bones and eye sockets, 
> giving an appearance of a square face.  Their distinction in the true 
> sense of terms, most German born males in the past were fair skinned and 
> fair haired. It was difficult for many to grow beards due to this fair 
> haired issue.  As they evolved, their features remained, but the areas 
> they settled in had changed their appearances to encompass not only the 
> fair haired but often took on more of Mongolian traits through inter 
> marriages.  If this hypothesis is true, why on earth did the Germans 
> concoct the bier trinken lied:
>    "Mein hut der hat drei ecken, drei ecken hat mein hut;
>    Und hdtt Er nicht drei ecken, dann wdr ist nicht mein hut!"
>Sounds rather like trying to stick a square plug into a round hole doesn't 
>it.  Why a 3 cornered hat?
>I can surely understand the need for kegs of beer to sing this song!
>torhaus at telus.net
>PS... any second now, Jerry is going to write to tell us to knock it off. 
>We'll be good Jerry!
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>Germans tend to see things in black and white so come across very square 
>to others.
>The German language is supposedly a soldier's language
>The French language is for lovers  .........  wonder if that means Germans 
>are cold fish!!
>What do you call a German's hat        ---------       A block heater
>How many aspirins does a German take for his headache  --------   Four, 
>one for each corner
>>At 04:32 PM 16/12/04, you wrote:
>>>Hello Lloyd and listers,
>>>Logging onto www.AskJeeves.com gave this result for Lloyd's question of 
>>>why people call us "Square Heads"
>>>      "Squarehead: Germans, Swedes & Norwegians Shape of head, late 
>>> 19th/early 20th century American word."

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