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>  My 
> grandmother Amalia MEISSNER, b. in Zyrardow and was baptised Evan.Luth. One 
> part of the 
> document says in Wiskitki 20 Mar. 1910. Her future husband who was also her 
> cousin Rudolph DREGER was also b.in Zyrardow. Their mothers were sisters 
> Paulina and Florentina WENDLANDT. Amalia was sent to the U.S.  in 1913 to 
> marry her 
> cousin and also her parents did not want her to be put out in the fields to 
> work for the germans! Amalia's parents: Edward MEISSNER b. Nov 2 1876 to 
> Johann 
> MEISSNER and Julianna(nee DRABERT) of Feliscdorf.  Don't know were this 
> place 
> is. I don't have the actual birth cert. but have ledger #190-year1870. 
> Strange 
> that it is dated Oct 12, 1940 Zyrardow.  Edward married Paulina WENDLANDT 
> daughter of Michel and Justine(nee WENDLANDT).? I have written info on 
> Paulines 
> birth and baptism.. "the city is in poland bei Peterkau." , according to 
> ledger 
> #7557 in Eichstadt.  Pauline WENDLANDT b. in Piaski Sept. 5 1871, bapt.Sept 
> 17 1871 Augsburger Evan. ch.  This is taken from ledger # 191 1871 on June 
> 18, 
> 1940. 

Pauline and Florentine Wendland are already in the SGGEE pedigree database, 
which also shows Florentine's 1881 marriage to Ludwig Dreger.  They were all 
from Dabie parish.  Your record of Pauline's birth matches up exactly with that 
in the database, which shows that the record number from 1871 was #191.

al muth

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