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> Amalia's parents: Edward MEISSNER b. Nov 2 1876 to Johann
> MEISSNER and Julianna(nee DRABERT) of Feliscdorf.  Don't know were this
> place
> is. I don't have the actual birth cert. but have ledger #190-year1870.

Felixdorf or Felikssw is located directly east of Wiskitki, so I imagine that
this is the Lutheran parish where his birth record will be found.

Pradziad (Polish State Archives) shows that the archives branch in Grodzisk
Mazowiecki holds the BMD records (birth, marriage, death) for Wiskitki.


As for your question #3, I believe that this indicates that you will indeed
find information on your family in the EWZ records.

al muth

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