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Hi Janine
I made a mistake last night when I wrote that Felixdorf is adjacent to the
northeast side of Zyrardow, it is actually more to the north of Zyrardow
and has the town of Kozlowice Stare in between them.
The early records for the Germans in the towns on the northside of Zyrardow
and those on the southside were kept in two different Catholic churches but
because there
was considerable early intermarriage between these two groups, it would be
to make certain to look through the records of both those Catholic churches.
The town of Felixdorf is spelled Felixow in the Wiskitki Catholic church


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> Thank you all you wonderful, helpful people.Rose, Bob and Karl.  My
> grandmother Amalia MEISSNER, b. in Zyrardow and was baptised Evan.Luth.
One part of the
> document says in Wiskitki 20 Mar. 1910. Her future husband who was also
> cousin Rudolph DREGER was also b.in Zyrardow. Their mothers were sisters
> Paulina and Florentina WENDLANDT. Amalia was sent to the U.S.  in 1913 to
marry her
> cousin and also her parents did not want her to be put out in the fields
> work for the germans! Amalia's parents: Edward MEISSNER b. Nov 2 1876 to
> MEISSNER and Julianna(nee DRABERT) of Feliscdorf.  Don't know were this
> is. I don't have the actual birth cert. but have ledger #190-year1870.
> that it is dated Oct 12, 1940 Zyrardow.  Edward married Paulina WENDLANDT
> daughter of Michel and Justine(nee WENDLANDT).? I have written info on
> birth and baptism.. "the city is in poland bei Peterkau." , according to
> #7557 in Eichstadt.  Pauline WENDLANDT b. in Piaski Sept. 5 1871,
> 17 1871 Augsburger Evan. ch.  This is taken from ledger # 191 1871 on June
> 1940.  I have found so far 4 different Piaski towns. I also have marriage
> of Edward and Paulina's marriage on Feb 12, 1893 dated Oct 12 1940.  Was
> there a time in 1940 that they all had to prove their ethnicity with these
> documents?  As I noted in my original inquiry Edward and Paulina and two
of my
> grandma's brothers named Hugo and Edi were all supposedly put in work or
> concentration camps, but escaped. It' s not known where or when. Paulina
died after the
> war in Feb 6 1946. My mother said she had been very sick and "they
> give her the medication she needed" Edi died shortly after also Mar 10
1948.  I
> have a picture of him with several other men dressed in what looks like
> prisoner garb, sitting on cots. Could this have been from a hospital or
> camp? Another paper that I have written by my grt grdf Edward says:  #1
> Grandmother settled in Zyrardow on 9-30-1887, #2 I settled there as well
> #4 Ever since I was a small child I lived with my parents in Zyrardow, #5
> 40 yrs. I worked in a factory in Zyrardow. My wife worked there as well.
> put in 46 years of work.  We are retired and receive old age benefits.
What do
> you think # 3 means?  It's taken me 12 years to find someone to translate
> these papers that I have.  Most are in German, Russian or Polish. I want
you to
> know that I really appreciate your assistance on this. Sincerely  Janine
> Kohlhorst  jankohl57 at aol.com
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