[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Yes...more questions

Ednadill at aol.com Ednadill at aol.com
Mon Dec 20 19:18:38 PST 2004

Happy holidays fellow listers.  
    I have just received the last of the  translations to my records from 
Grembocin parish near Torun.  I struck out  with the one marriage record I really 
needed to make a direct link.  I have  a time/place gap from 1793/Grembocin 
to 1824/Komorowo.  However, I did send  a letter to the EZAB in the hope that 
they could help me again.  My  question is this, now that I've had success in 
the Grembocin area back to 1696,  where to next?  Is there an older parish in 
the area of Torun that I should  be looking at or should I move westerly toward 
the Fatherland?  The only  reason for the last option, is that my family so 
far seemed to move easterly  from Torun area to Teodorowo(Lipno) area.  I know 
many of you have  expertise in middle to eastern Poland but I was hoping 
someone has some  knowledge of West Prussia and its parishes.  Thanks to all.
Erik Dill
PS-Uwe if you're out there, can you tell me why I found listings  for 
Podolina, Janowo and Neitrzeba in my Lipno parish records, but they are  listed in 
the Rypin area of your website?  Thank  you.

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