[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where to list post?

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Wed Dec 22 09:08:06 PST 2004

At 12:17 AM 22/12/2004 CST, MyGenWeb at aol.com wrote:

>> Where would be the best place to list a post re: West Prussia -  Grabow /
>> Grabowo Poland?

At 12/22/2004 7:34:23 AM PST, Jerry Frank wrote:

> Well,  Rachel, this is as good a place to start as any.  We focus on 
> Poland and Volhynia but some of us have resources for other areas of  
> as well.
You could also post to the East-West Prussia mailing list 
(_ow-preussen-l at genealogy.net_ (mailto:ow-preussen-l at genealogy.net) ).
Most of the discussion is in German and most of the contributors are in  
Germany, but they also accept English postings.

>> I'm trying to  find where the town is.  There are several listings  for 

>> My husband's grgrgrgrandfather came from  Grabow/Grabowo Poland.  The  ship
>> debarkation document  states Grabow, W. Preussian.

> You have a really big problem here that  posting to another mailing list, 
> even with more experience, won't  solve.  You simply have to find more 
> information.  I see at  least 3 Grabowo in West Prussia (might be one or 
> more as I didn't  do a detailed check).  I don't see any Grabow or Grabowa 
> in West  Prussia though again it is possible I missed one.
Would it be possible to find out what local region this town was in?   That 
would narrow down the search a lot.

> I think you basically have  2 choices.  You can try to find other records 
> that might provide  more detail.  OR  You can start the search in at least 
> these  3 places to see if you can find your surname connected to them.  If  
> you found your surname there, you could do more detailed research to  see 
> it was the right family.  If you want to do the latter, we  can point you 
> the specific locations for further  investigation.
I agree with Jerry.  You can pursue both possibilities at the same  time.  
It's doubtful that a search for additional documentation would  immediately 
yield results, so while you're waiting for replies from other  sources (relatives 
or government agencies), you can also search the microfilms  that are 
available for the three possible sites.
There are a few possible clues that might help.  Check for other  passengers 
on the same ship and see what they give for origins.  Immigrants  often 
traveled in groups, usually small, or sometimes with relatives.  If  there were 
several people on the ship from the same town, one of them may have  also given 
the region in addition to or instead of the town name.  Check  death, obituary, 
immigration, and naturalization records to see what detail  can be found 
there.  Good luck!

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