[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Where to list post?

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A West Prussian Lutheran church register of 1912 lists 2 Grabowo in West
one is located in the Kreis(district) Karthaus(Kartuzy-west of Danzig); it
is in the parish of Sullenschin(now called Suleczyno/Sulonczyno); the second
Grabowo is located in the Kreis Schwetz(Swiecie) and is in the parish of
Waldau(now called Waldowo). If you are unable to obtain further verbal or
documentary information as to the specific location you might consider
checking these 2 parishes for your relatives.
However there are as well about 5 Grabau which could also be written as
Grabow/Grabowo, so confirmation of your location through various means,
would considerably improve your chances of a successful search.
Howard Krushel
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> Where would be the best place to list a post re: West Prussia - Grabow /
> Grabowo Poland?
> I'm trying to find where the town is.  There are several listings for
> are.
> My husband's grgrgrgrandfather came from Grabow/Grabowo Poland.  The  ship
> debarkation document states Grabow, W. Preussian.
> Thank you for any advice!
> Elko MN
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