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Sun Feb 1 14:15:45 PST 2004

I have in my possession a translated copy of a letter written by Samuel 
Fischer in 1945 from Germany to my husband's brother, Erdmann (Ed) Less who lived 
in Iowa at the time.  The letter writer refers to a brother, Rudolf Fischer, 
"who lives in Canada".
The letter goes into quite a bit of detail of their "escape out of Volhynia" 
and life in Germany at this time.  But of course, wanted to know if Ed Less 
knew anything about his brother "in Canada".  I have no idea the relationship of 
this Fischer  to Ed Less except to know that Ed's mother's name was Anna 
Fischer.  So this Samuel (and Rudolf as well) just might have been related 
somehow.  How would I find in Canada in this period of time, 1945, someone by name of 
Rudolf Fischer who lived there then and perhaps has descendants today.  I 
have no info at all on Anna Fischer other than her name and was the wife of Jacob 
Less.  Ed Less along with my husband's father, Fred Less, and a sister, Anna 
Less Schoenrock Unrau are all from this family that immigrated to the States 
in the early 1900's.  Jacob and Anna were their parents names.  There are many 
names of Fischer in the St. Petersburg Lutheran Church microfilms from 
Volhynia but have no idea if any of them just might be related to our Anna Fischer, 
and of course, now wondering who this Samuel & Rudolf Fischer might be in 
relation to the Less family.
Anyone have a clue for me of a Canadian Fischer family?
Virginia Less

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