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Jutta Dennerlein Jutta.Dennerlein at
Sun Feb 8 01:07:58 PST 2004

Well, last summer I did not make an appointment and I had been really lucky
that somebody speaking English was available. So I would not recommend this
as a standard procedure!

I think it would be a good idea to contact the Archive by e-mail prior to
any visits. Just to make sure that the right contact persons and the
required documents are available and that the Archive is not closed.

Several list members contacted my directly and again the question of
researchable land records and estate registers occurred. I think that there
are members on this list who might have experience with this kind of records
in Poland. So I want to pass this question back to the list.

I also want to remind of the (probably well known) online databases of
Polish State Archives at:

The PRADZIAD database for example shows church books that are available in
Polish Archives - also the ones that have not been filmed by LDS.


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Thanks Jutta for the updated information and the Plock website address.

I gather then a person does not need a 'licence' or 'authorization' to
search records for one's own family.    Did you have to make an appointment
with them?

Rose Ingram

From: "Jutta Dennerlein" Sent: 04 February, 2004 1:53 AM

: This is an interesting website!
: Given the date of the shown document (1888) it IS in a bad condition. I
: confirm that the much older Lutheran church books at the Plock Archive
: in a much better condition.
: I also think that some of the information given on this website might be
: of date. My researches at the Plock Archive last summer had been
: uncomplicated and rewarding. No license necessary and a lot of friendly
: competent people there to help you (some of them even speaking English).
: See also the very nice and informative official website of the State
: in Plock:
: They give very detailed information about the history of the archive and
: also have some photos of the way records are stored. They look much
: in color.
: Greetings
: Jutta Dennerlein
: Seefeld, Germany
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: An Article written by Ada Holtzmann, from the Jewish Community, is
: at
: The webpage has a picture of an old church book register.  This gives you
: an idea of the condition of the some of the books - this one is not bad
: all.
: Further down the webpage is a photograph of how records are stored in the
: Plock State Archives.  This is an eye opener!.
: Rose Ingram
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