[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Volhynia and Russian Poland

Jerry Frank franklyspeaking at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 16 19:33:52 PST 2004

I have never heard of it referred to as such at anytime but will defer to 
others who may have seen documentation to the contrary.  I believe that the 
terms Russian Poland and Congress Poland both apply to post Napoleonic rule 
- 1815 to WW I.  Since Volhynia was not taken by Napoleon, it was not 
impacted by the Congress of Vienna.

Note that ALL of Volhynia was part of Poland between 1569 and 1795;  the 
western part between WW I & WW II.

At 04:00 PM 16/02/2004 -0700, Miles Ertman wrote:
>   Was the western part of Volhynia, prior to WWI, sometimes referred to as
>"Russian Poland" just as Congress Poland was also known as Russian Poland
>during this same period?  I know that western Volhynia was part of Poland
>between 1569 and 1795 and between WWI and WWII, and part of Russia from 1795
>until the end of WWI.
>Miles Ertman

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