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There is a list of colonies - the index for my map of German settlements in 
Volhynia.  However, there are about 1400 places in that list so to compile 
such data for all of them is very difficult.

You will find some of the data pre1862 in an article in the next issue of 
the SGGEE Journal, a translation of the Busch report

There are generalizations about the origins of the colonists but few 
villages were settled exclusively from any one location so such information 
is not detailed.  Once we have the really early Zhitomir records extraction 
completed, it would be interesting to use the data to track the origins of 
these early settlers to see if it agrees with the generalizations of more 
modern historians.  While some such data is available from the St. Pete 
records, it is so inconsistent as to make it unreliable for such a study.

I don't think the colonies were organized as church affiliated groups but 
certainly most people in a given colony shared a common faith.  The 
exception might be the really early Mennonites who did indeed migrate more 
as a community of faith rather than as an ethnic community.  I am not sure 
if either the Moravian Brethren or Baptist communities were settled as 
such.  It is my sense that most of the people in those faiths were converts 
from the Lutheran church.  Perhaps someone else has more detail on that.

At 08:12 PM 19/02/2004 -0700, Reubin Nehring wrote:
>             Has there ever been a  compiled listing of all the colonies that
>been established in Volhynia / oblast / province?
>2. Dates when they were established ?
>3. Where did the colonist originate from ?
>4. Was it  church affiliated groups that organized  all these colonies or
>    Reubin

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