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Sun Jul 4 14:44:34 PDT 2004

    While doing data input for the Volhynian St Petersburg extractions a few years ago it was not at all uncommon to find the baptism date recorded was earlier than the given birth date by weeks and in the odd case by months.
    One can only assume the earliest date was likely closer to being the actual date of birth.

John Marsch


  The general consensus is that it was not the norm for couples to wed at such 
  a young age.  The fact that the baptism records may not indicate the true age 
  of the child is an interesting concept.  My grandfather's birth certificate 
  and baptism certificate from the very same area were the same, but that would 
  have been 1891.  Perhaps the 1870s there not as many places available to 
  register births.  I will definitely take a look at the film for Christian Haupt's 
  birth record (or baptism) in Gottliebsdorf.

  Thanks again,
  Janice Schultz

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