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Hello Virginia:
The use of the word deportation with the year 1915, is being used
incorrectly. "The Expropriation of Land from the Germans in Volhynia is
taken from an article published in the "Volhyn's Gubernia News published on
June 2, 1916.  It refers to "A List of Expropriated Real Estate Taken From
Resettled German Colonists, According to War Office Directives and Now under
the Ministry of Land Jurisdiction in the Chelm/Volhyn District". This
article identifies those effected by the enactment on February 2, 2925 of a
Russian Law providing for the liquidation of land ownership and land tenure
of Russian subjects of Austrian, Hungarian or German descent in the boundary
zones. The law took effect on July 15th 1915.  It is a land expropriation
listing, not a deportation listing. The boundary zones included the whole of
Poland and a strip approximately 90 miles wide along the whole of the
western border of Russia.
I would assusme that depending on where you lived, people were being
deported because they resided in areas that were close to the areas that
would be effected by the invasion of the german army in the war that was
threatening. Presumably as early as 1913.
Although these ethnic germans were Russian Citizens
they were a threat to the security of Russia, and therefore were being moved
away from the border areas.

Nelson Itterman

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> I have noticed recently that we always refer to the date of the
> out of Volhynia as 1915.  For my story I sent to this listserv a few days
ago I
> have the Anna Less Schoenrock-Unrau family info saying they were forced
> their land as early as the Fall of 1913.  And that Anna was pregnant at
> time.  Her son Julius then was born in Kaluga in January 1914 soon after
> arrived there.  Then I have received a story from someone else to add to
> collection of Life in Volhynia Stories I am collecting for SGGEE saying
that for
> them it was the Fall of 1914.  So what year is the correct one?  Or did
> have to leave earlier than others?  To call this the Deportatiion of 1915
> not be the correct year to use.  What do others think?
> Virginia Less
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