[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] Re: Volhynia Deportation

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Tue Jul 6 21:09:54 PDT 2004

Nelson, and to others interested in this information - I appreciate your 
response to clarify dates for the deportation of Volhynians, that the 1915 year 
was when the liguidation of land ownership was official.  It is then appropriate 
to have the year or two before as possible times when our people were 
actually "forced" off their land and sent elsewhere.  Our stories need to be clear on 
this so future generations will better understand what had happened in that 
part of what was then Russia in the lands close to the border that would be 
affected by an eventual German invasion.  So thanks for sharing this information 
with the readers on the listserv.  

It is always a risk to take a "family story" as the truth, but there are 
kernels there that do need to be retained.  Each family's esperiences are worth 
This is why we who belong to such a group that seeks the history of a people 
is so important.  It helps us all to put the pieces of a puzzle in their 
appropriate space.

Keep the "stories" coming.  They are helpful in many ways.  And add substance 
to what most of us know only in bits and pieces.  Together the puzzle becomes 
more complete.  

Virginia Less

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