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Thu Jul 8 09:35:30 PDT 2004

Regarding the books mentioned in your list post (see below), how do I go
about attaining a copy of each of these books? I am interested in a copy
of your grandmother's book in English. I understand that the other book,
written by Edmund Krebs, is in German. By the way, is your grandmother's
book specifically about the "Ulmer" family experience or the "Sonnenburg"
family experience, or is it a combination of the two? 

Gloria Hoppe
gloriah4 at juno.com
Researching: HOPPE, TOBER, SAWATZKA, HOLPOPP in locations Heimtal,
Neudorf Volhynia, Novograd Walinsk, and deportation travels into Siberia.

On Fri, 2 Jul 2004 19:14:49 -0500 "E Sonnenburg"
<esonnenburg at porchlight.ca> writes:
> My grandmother's Ulmer family and grandfather's Sonnenburg family 
> went through
> the 1915 deportations.
> My grandmother wrote a book about her experiences from birth in 
> Karlswalde,
> her deportations and experiences until arriving in Canada.  Quite 
> an
> interesting book. 200 pages with pictures.  Available in German and 
> English
> for $10 CDN.
> Edmund Krebs who is still living wrote a book as well about the 
> deportation
> from Amelin/Kolowert Volhynia in 1915.  $25 CDN.  Only German.
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