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The deportation site in Belarus was likely a first stopping point. They were most likely taken deeper towards the Volga River and beyond after first being brought Vitebsk. It seems many Germans of eastern Poland were initially directed towards present day Belarus, but that was just the start of their long journey.

Evert Moes <ya895 at victoria.tc.ca> wrote:Hello list,

I have been following the "Deportation" subject with interest, as I have
"lost" three families in Berdichev after 1910. All were Lutheran.
Descendents of one turns up in the EWZ files. Their names are Focht
(Fokht), Rauh and Seltmann. Regarding other deportations, a correspondent
in Bialystok (Eastern Poland) told me that all German settlers were deported
to the Vitebsk area (Now Belarus) in 1915, while much of their property was
destroyed, particularly factories and warehouses
The story is that few if any ever returned to the area.

Evert Moes
Sidney, B.C.

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