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My mother-in-law was born in Volhynia in 1882 after the family moved from
In 1888 the family emmigrated to America.  I
asked her once why the family moved and she said it was leave or be killed.
She never said why they would be killed or who would kill them.   It has
always been
a mystery because I never found a pogram going on in that area at that time.
They were not deported, they left on their own so they could come to
America.       Pilla

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> The oppression of the Germans in particular, but other ethnic groups as
> well, began in the late 1880s when Russian was declared the official
> language to be used in the schools.  This also applied to church records
> which now had to be written in Russian Cyrillic.  Or at least that applied
> to the official ones that were sent to St. Petersburg.  Those after about
> 1890 were apparently written in Russian Cyrillic.  There were also changes
> in the way land ownership was handled resulting in land being expropriated
> from some Germans and the inability for Germans to increase their land
> holdings as would be needed with the increases in population.
> I also think there was a minor deportation situation in 1905 but I am not
> sure about the details.  Most of my ancestors left Russia before 1900 so I
> haven't paid a lot of attention to the more recent history.
> At 11:41 AM 09/07/2004 -0600, Delores Stevens wrote:
> >I have been following  this topic with interest and see that it only
> >to the deportations that took place prior to the first world war.  Were
> >there things taking place that would have indicated conflict prior to
> >My great grandmother came to Canada in 1896, but when talking with one of
> >her grandchildren she always made reference to the "dirty bolshevics".
> >is not in reference to anyone's nationality or to offend anyone.  I just
> >wonder what would  be taking place in Volhynia in that time frame that
> >cause her to have such an opinion.
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