[Ger-Poland-Volhynia] NEUMANNs moved to Ural region ca 1895.

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Sun Jul 18 12:21:06 PDT 2004

My father's family - family of Johann NEUMANN (wife Elizabeth ALBRECHT)
left Volhynia for the Ural region aroung 1895. My records show that my
father and his younger sister were born in Kalonka, Dawlekanowo near the
city of Ufa. My father, Emil, was born in 1900 and his sister, Emma, in
1904. I believe the family moved back to Ukraine after the end of WWI.
Although the Neumann family was lutheran, my father attended a Mennonite
boarding school known as Armenschule in Beresowka. A picture of this
school can be found on p. 75 of "Heritage Remembered: A pictorial survey
on Mennonites in Prussia and Russia" by Gerhard Lorenz, published by the
Canadian Mennonite Bible College in 1974. I have two copies of this book,
one in English and one in German. before he passed away in 1993, my
faather identified about a dozen pictures in this book that he
recognized. Two are of construction of a hyrdo dam on the Dnjeper, a
project he worked on as a sub-contractor, in the 1920's before emigrating
to Canada in 1929.

I am not sure why the family of Johann NEUMANN left Volhynia - whether it
was voluntary or they were forced to move? My records show that father's
older brothers and sisters (Ottilie and Emilie - 1890, August - 1891,
Gottlieb - 1893), were born in Heimthal, Volhynia. I know that my
NEUMANNs lived in Ostrowka, so I am not sure whether the birth place was
Heimthal, or whether that was the name of the registering parish.

Johann NEUMANN (born 1865 in Ostrowka) was the oldest of six brothers
(who lived to adulthood)  born to Christian NEUMANN and Eleanore KALASCH.

Second oldest was his brother (b. 1875) Julius, who stayed in
Ostrowka. He is listed as one whose land was expropriated in 1915. Julius
and his family ended up in Omsk Siberia. His daughter, Lydiia married
Edward STAHL in Ostrowka before they emigrated to southern Saskatchewan
in 1927. I know quite a lot about the descendants of Julius NEUMANN. His
first wife was Amalia LANGE, and his second wife was Augusta FENGLER.
Some of his descendants have within the past 15 years  emigrated to

Johann NEUMANN's youngest brother, Gustav NEUMANN (born in 1889)
emigrated to BC Canada in the 1920's. He lived in Abbotsfordt BC, where
he is burried.

I am not certain about what happend the three other brothers. My father
told me that around 1905-06, his Uncle Gottfried left for Germany, and
that two of his uncles, Samuel and Theodore, emigrated to South America.
Very little to go on there!

Needless to say my NEUMANN relatives scattered to far flung places and we
know nothing about what happened to some of them. I have a good record of
the descendants of Johann NEUMANN; they make up several hundred in my

If you can help fill in some gaps, that would be appreciated.  

D. Neumann

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Volhynia 19-teens and voluntary movement Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 12:44:04
-0700 (PDT) Hello: Having read now of the forced resettlement in 1915, I
wonder if anyone else has knowledge/experience with Volhynian Germans
voluntarily leaving? My great-grandfather, as the story goes, was among a
group of Germans in Volhynia who purchased land in Russia proper and
founded a couple German villages around 1910. They moved near Bryansk and
Zhisdra; he and several others (including a Repsch) founded a village
called Chromolin/Chromily that continued to exist at least until 1941;
the German army stumbled across the villages there and were surprised to
find Germans, whom they sent west. Coincidentally back into the area they
came from in Ukraine/Volhynia. That was near Shitomir and Annette. He was
David Adam; I believe he left at least nephews and nieces (children of
brother Johann Adam) in Volhynia when he took his family and left for
Russia. David was already in his 50s. Thanks! Edie Adam ejadam at yahoo.com
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