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It would also pay to contact the AHSGR, which has copies of most of the
obits from Der Sendbote. They are organized in an alphabetical file, so a
check there is quick.

Be warned that the place of birth listed may or may not be accurate, the
same rule that applies to the place of birth in any obit. Most of these
obits also include, however, the name of the pastor who baptized the
person -- and that can be crucial in tracking down origins.

Dave Obee

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> The following website gives archive holdings of Baptist records for some
> areas of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, and former German lands.
> http://www.arminweist.de/20000bqa.htm
> Go to the bottom of the page and click on the map for the area of
> If you have ancestors who were German Baptists in N. America, and if they
> were members of one of the North American Baptist Conference Churches,
> there is a possibility that their obituary may have been published in "Der
> Sendbote", a publication put out by the Conference.  There is an archive
> Sioux Falls, SD which has all of the issues of Der Sendbote.  Their
> and the name of the archivist who will search for obituaries is:
> Berneice Westerman, Associate Archivist
> North American Baptist Heritage Commission
> 1525 South Grange Ave.
> Sioux Falls, SD  57105
>         NABArchives at nabs.edu
> The cost for a successful search (including a photocopy of the obituary)
> 15 USD.  If you go there and do your own search, then it is free.  I have
> only found a couple of obituaries that were published in Der Sendbote (not
> all obituaries were published) but the ones that exist contained a wealth
> information including place of birth.
>    Miles Ertman
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